Selected Works

EDU Documentary Commercial

Soil Food Web Mini Documentary

Produced and directed by Ashley Terry, editing by The Chophouse.

Explainer Animation

GradeTree Product Overview

Scene animations by Ashley Terry, character animations by Josh “Skull” Dixon.

Explainer Animation

IHN-CCO Is Your Oregon Health Plan

Scene animations and storyboarding by Ashley Terry.

Promotional Ecological Education

Harnessing Team Science for a Healthy, Sustainable Planet

Conveying the importance of a “pure” science degree.

Company Overview Animation

The Oregon State Credit Union Difference

This video answers the question, “what is the difference between a bank and a credit union” and explains why you should choose your local community credit union.

Promotional Testimonial Compilation

Meet the Soil Food Web School Family: Students

Over 100 students submitted testimonies to create this compilation video that spells out the benefits of the course offereings from the SFW School.

Family Documentary

Will  Franklin | The Franklin Files

This is a video of Nancy’s family history. Her grandfather loved genealogy and compiled photos and documents from his side of the family going back a long time. These were used for the video and her mother, the new keeper of the records, narrated. 

Theater Promo

The Russell Tripp Theater Presents
The Drowsey Chaperone

This was made as a theater event advertisement for social media. This video and videos like it helped pack the house using targeted ads through facebook.

Live Concert Video Production

Bundy Browne & Friends

Honey Bee

Filmed live with a handful of GoPros and a Panasonic 770 HD. Live audio mastering by Sloth Mountain Studios.

Band Promo 

Postman Jack & The Special Deliveries

“Out In The Wild” Interview

Band interview and album promo. Produced and edited by John Ellis. Live audio mastering by Sloth Mountain Studios.

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