About The Chophouse

We specialize in collaborating with producers, production houses and agencies, seamlessly integrating our expertise to handle projects of any scale. Unlock new possibilities with The Chophouse as your trusted partner. 

In an industry where demands are high and deadlines are tight, we understand the challenges faced with managing an expanding workload. We can help.

We act as an extension of your team, ensuring that your clients receive top-notch service and exceptional results.

Our diverse skills include the Adobe Creative Suite: Premiere, Photoshop, Audition, Illustrator, After Effects, as well as Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion. We’re also versed in Web Development, Marketing Strategy, Content Variation for Social Media, and professional writing. We’re a full service digital media production team here to support you. We adapt to your workflows and guidelines, maintaining consistency and standards.

We bring a fresh perspective, creative solutions, and a commitment to excellence. Let’s join forces and create extraordinary content.

Ash and The Chophouse have always been a pleasure to work with! They listen to what we want, are easy to communicate with, and deliver incredible high quality results every time. Ash’s patient and calm presence behind the camera makes the whole experience enjoyable and stress-free!

Rachel Sechler

Assistant Head of School, Ashbrook Independent School

About The Team

Ashley Terry

Founder and Executive Producer

Project Management, Videography, Animation, Motion Graphics

After graduating from the  University of Montana School of Journalism, I headed west and made a home in Corvallis, Oregon. My wife and I took 6 months to travel the world for our honeymoon. We stayed on organic farms, through the WWOOF program. It opened our eyes and hearts to new cultures. Ever since I was a small child I knew I was meant to be behind the camera. Preserving little moments in time is my passion, and I’m so lucky to be living my dream.

Nancy Long

Senior Editor and Partner

Video Editing, Media Research and Acquisition

I have been professionally creating videos since 2017, although it’s been a lifelong hobby. I started in childhood making commercials with my family’s camcorder and went on to create music videos during my university years as a way to procrastinate. I’ve always been interested in video as a means of expression. I have an passion for bringing ideas to life on the screen and am constantly looking for fresh ways to transform concepts from paper into compelling visual narratives. I am always working to improve and grow my skills within the adobe creative suite as well as Final cut video editing software. 

John Ellis

Editor and Partner

Creative Strategy, Live Production and Video Editing

My role with The Chophouse is mostly creative development, marketing strategy, and post production editing. I have experience with street journalism and live production. I can tell you how not to do it… I use the Adobe Creative Suite for most things. I enjoy live concert production and am fortunate to be surrounded by talented musicians and a town that loves live music. 

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